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Fact: Everyone is rushing to "niche marketing" to stake their claim to the "gold-mine" ... but almost all of them are missing out on simple ways to rake in extra cash!

Would You Invest Just :57 Minutes Of
Your Time If You Could Discover
Our Secrets For Giving Yourself A
Pay Raise
Anytime You Want?

Niche Marketing: 7 Ways to Increase Niche Profits

In this special "behind-closed-doors" presentation you'll discover...

  • Why you should remove all of your order links from your sales pages and how this will actually help you make more money than ever before!

  • The one step you MUST add to your niche marketing to double, triple or even quadruple your profit! Plus proof positive that this step works even on how YOU spend money!

  • The easiest way to grow your niche business that offline marketers and book publishers have been using for years!

  • The #1 surefire tactic for increasing profits from ANY niche product! Top "gurus" are staying up nights, overworking themselves and rushing around like crazy to do this with their own products!

  • Much, much more! (See details below)

From: Jimmy D. Brown and Ryan Deiss
Date: Tuesday, 1:49 PM
RE: 7 ways to grab extra profits from your niche marketing

Dear Colleague,

It feels like the wild west again, doesn't it?

Folks are scrambling to stake their claims and strike it rich. Only this time it isn't California that beckons them to join in on the gold rush.

Instead, it's "niche marketing".

Seems like most marketers are grabbing their cyber-shovels to head out prospecting for that special niche gold-mine with their name on it in hopes they'll hit the mother lode.

Isn't that why you're here?

There's only one problem: there are a gazillion other prospectors out there competing against ya!

  • You're not the only one looking for (and finding) these "tiny, untapped niches"!

  • You're not the only one bidding on pay-per-click listings for the best keywords to get targeted traffic!

  • You're not the only one setting up mini-sites, offering freebies and creating autoresponder sequences and all of the other things "smart marketers" do!

You've got a lot of competition - and it's growing every single day.

But, what if there was a way to...

Rake In Extra Profit From Any Niche You Choose,
Regardless of How Many Competitors You Have!

You're in luck! We've decided to make public a "behind closed doors" presentation that had even some of the web's most savvy niche marketers saying...

"Wow, I never thought of that!"

In this :57 minute audio presentation, we reveal 7 secrets to mining any niche for every ounce of profit you can.

Fact: We absolutely jam-packed our presentation with content. You'll find ZERO "fluff" or "filler". Nothing but rock-solid ideas you can begin using immediately to build bigger streams of profit from your niche(s).

That's right, just an hour of your time could change your business and your life forever...

Niche Pay Raise Box
(MP3 Audio Training with
PDF Transcripts)


Niche Pay Raise™
7 Secrets to Finding Hidden Profits In Any Niche!


Just look at what we were able to pack into a short, :57 minute audio presentation...

  • Why you should remove all of your order links from your sales pages and how this will actually help you make more money than ever before! (Yes, we know it sounds crazy … until you see the results for yourself!) (Page 7)

  • The magic formula for exploiting red-hot niches even when you don't have any personal knowledge, experience or "story" in a popular niche! Note: You no longer need to be an "expert" in a field to get people to buy from you. (Page 28)

  • 4 compelling reasons why you're probably throwing away money if you don't force people to "jump through hoops" before ever making your offer! (Page 9)

  • A sure-fire strategy for using interviews to get more cash from your leads and customers (and earn multiple streams of affiliate income!), including 5 "models" to plug into your own niche marketing! Hint: You can get started within 5 minutes! (Page 19)

  • The radical approach to niche marketing that virtually NO ONE is using, including one super successful site that is taking this strategy all the way to the bank - and, more importantly, how YOU can begin using this strategy today! (Page 9)

  • The biggest mistake people make in niche marketing that is forcing them to throw away money every single month … and worse yet, they don't even know it. Hint: We'll explain how YOU can avoid it and add more dollars to your bank account. (Page 14)

  • 2 ways to create special "template™" products to automatically increase your advertising click-thrus, traffic conversion and number of cash-producing sales you generate! (Page 26)

  • The one step you MUST add to your niche marketing to double, triple or even quadruple your profit! (Page 11) Plus proof positive that this step works even on how YOU spend money! (Page 17)

  • The #1 surefire tactic for increasing profits from ANY niche product! Top "gurus" are staying up nights, overworking themselves and rushing around like crazy to do this with their own products! (Page 32)

  • A simple "trick" for using ghostwriters to get an extra niche product created, earn more profit from many of your customers and expand your niche empire… without spending an extra penny of your money! (Page 18)

  • How to increase the perceived value of your niche product, charge more for your product and deposit more money into your bank account! (Page 32)

  • 5 quick tips for cross promoting offers to your leads and customers to automatically pull in more sales and profits - set these things in motion one time, walk away and watch your extra money come in on autopilot! (Page 22)

  • The easiest way to grow your niche business that offline marketers and book publishers have been using for years! Note: We've found this to work like crazy for niche marketing on the Internet. (Page 24)

  • How to eliminate your competition, make keyword selection easier and find more interest among your target audience … all of which are going to lead to more profits for you! (Page 27)

  • The big mistake that niche marketers make in promoting their products through joint ventures and how you can avoid having your traffic come to a screeching halt by doing one simple thing differently than the others! (Page 37)

  • 3 ways to get your customers to know, like and trust you enough to buy from you! Truth be told, this is the only way people are going to buy from you in niches … so it's critical that you get this right. (Page 29)

  • How to quickly and easily DOUBLE the price (and profit!) of your product while spending only an extra 25 cents! Note: If you do nothing else that we share, this one is a bonafide "must-do". (Page 33)

  • The one thing you should always do with any niche product you create that will absolutely increase your profits, including an easy-to-model case study that anyone can begin using with their business!(Page 40)

  • How to maximize your optin assets and make even more money from your lead lists and customer lists by pushing "hot buttons" that your contacts probably don't even know they're revealing to you! (Page 15)

  • The biggest untapped niche traffic tool that most marketers are overlooking in promoting to tiny niches… best of all, it's completely free! (Page 36)

  • How to absolutely crush your competition by being able to pay more for traffic and entice more affiliates and joint venture partners to promote your offer! (Page 34)

  • The most often overlooked niche money-maker that is all but guaranteed to bring in more orders for you on autopilot by adding one simple thing to your niche product lineup! (Page 39)

  • A simple, 3-step system for finding joint venture partners, including 4 ways to master Google to locate highly profitable affiliates for any niche product you create! (Page 36)

Seen enough? CLICK HERE to order now. (Remember, you also get master resell rights so you can sell this course from your own site and keep all the profits.)

Does this sound exciting to you?

It should, because the potential for doubling or even tripling your income is there if you apply our "pay raise secrets" to your own business.

Here's Where Most Niche Marketers
Make Their Big Mistake...

We've seen it over and over again. Good, hard-working folks like yourself search diligently for hot niches...and some even hit pay-dirt!

But, then they squander their opportunity by leaving so much money on the table.

And they never even know it.

The same pattern happens time after time. Maybe you've done this yourself...

1. Identify a red-hot niche with hungry customers.

2. Create a product that's highly sought after by those customers.

3. Setup a web site to sell the product.

4. Rush off to buy pay per click listings and Google Adwords® to promote the site.

5. Find another red-hot niche and repeat the process.

And, don't get us wrong, that's a good plan.

It affords you the opportunity to setup dozens of tiny niche products all bringing you in money and that can certainly add up to a lot of cash...

Hypothetical Situation

20 niche sites X $500 profit / month = $10,000

$120,000 in yearly profit

Like we said, that's a good plan.

But, It's Not a Great Plan...

  • A great plan would be to milk each niche for as much profit as possible before you move on.

    Why settle for $500 a month when you could earn $1000, $2000 or even more?

  • A great plan would be to get as much money from each customer as possible before you rush off to find new customers.

    Why settle for $20 from a customer when she's willing to spend double, triple or even quadruple that amount?

  • A great plan would be to create a system that automatically allows you to sell your information for top dollar ... and get it.

    Why settle for selling your product for $20.00 when you could easily get double that, or sell it for up to $97.00 or more?

In Other Words...

A Great Plan Would Be To Give Yourself a Pay Raise
on Every Single Site You Own or Ever Will Own

And that's exactly what you'll learn in Niche Pay Raise™!

Here's What You'll Receive When You
Download Niche Pay Raise™ Today...

  • Niche Pay Raise™ Audio Training Course.
    In this MP3 audio class, we cover 7 "Pay Raise Secrets" that you can apply to your own business and give your income an almost INSTANT profit boost. Running time :57.04

  • The complete, edited transcript of the audio session.
    This file contains the word-for-word transcript of the entire audio training session. Completely formatted and edited, it is ready for viewing as a complement to the MP3 files or, it can be printed out and read on its own. PDF format.

As you can see, we've included everything you need to get started RIGHT NOW!

So our only question to you is...

What's It Worth To Have The Ability To Give
Yourself a Pay Raise Anytime You Like?

In our opinion this is a complete no-brainer...

Your one-time investment for this audio training course is $27.

Frankly, if you tried just one of our 7 "pay raise secrets" (even if you royally screwed it up), you would likely still make more than your investment in this training.

But that's not all...

Over the past year or so, quite a few niche marketing wannabees have spring up and began passing themselves off as gurus.

Now, we don't want to name any names here, but you probably know who we're talking about.

Fact: Jimmy and Ryan are co-owners of the wildly successful niche marketing membership site,

They've also developed dozens of niche products, been guest speakers at live events on the topic of "niche marketing" and have contributed to countless articles, interviews and projects devoted to niche products.

Anyway, we believe that the information in this audio course is so valuable that we want to put it in as many hands as possible. Our goal is to silence these "wannabees" once and for all by revealing REAL secrets and not just their regurgitated garbage.

That's why we're also including...

Free Master Resell Rights To Niche Pay Raise™
Audio and Transcript

That's right! When you order Niche Pay Raise™ TODAY, you'll also receive a license to resell the product (and the resell rights) to other people and keep all the profits. (CLICK HERE to read our Reseller License Agreement for more details.)

And remember, if you're not completely bonkers about our product (maybe you just didn't like the sound of our voices) you're still backed by our...


The Niche Pay Raise™ course comes with a no-questions-asked, no-hassle, THREE FULL MONTHS money-back guarantee. If for any reason whatsoever you decide this product isn't right for you, just email us at anytime within the next 90 days and we'll buy it back from you for every penny you paid.

That's THREE FULL MONTHS to put our "pay raise secrets" to the test - all the risk is on us. I don't think we could be any more fair than that!

Read the course and begin seeing immediate results from this system, or you get your money back. It's as simple as that!

The Niche Pay Raise System works for's worked for others and we know that it'll work for you. Now all you have to do is prove it to yourself...

Download Niche Pay Raise Now!

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All the best,

  It's sad, but there are hard-working marketers out there paying themselves the equivalent of minimum wage when compared to the king's ransom they could be earning from their sites.

Which begs the question...

Why would anyone want to leave money on the table when they could easily deposit it into their bank account?

The answer is: They wouldn't IF they knew how to really get the highest yields from their niche businesses.

And that's what Niche Pay Raise™ is all about!

In this recently unclassified audio recording, we share 7 secrets for giving yourself an instant pay raise.

Apply just 1 of the 7 strategies discussed in Niche Pay Raise™, and watch your income double, triple or even quadruple in the next 21 days. (Apply all 7 and the sky's the limit.)


  We didn't mention this in the letter above, but as a special bonus you'll also receive 6 additional niche marketing reports when you order Niche Pay Raise™. You'll receive all the details on the download page, so CLICK HERE to order now...

Every effort has been made to accurately represent our product and its potential. Please remember that each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is no certain guarantee that you will earn any money.

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