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Float-Ins - Unblockable Popups!

Instantly Boost Your Sales,
Opt-In Email Lists & Conversion Rates
By Up To 224% By Adding
Float-In Window Technology
To Your Websites!

Evolve... Or Die!
All Internet Marketing Tools have a lifespan, and eventually must be replaced. Remember Free Classified Sites? FFA pages? Where are they now? Useless. Dead. D.O.A. Now you can add standard PopUp Windows to that list... But read this page carefully - because we've found your solution - FLOAT-IN WINDOWS!!!

If You've Never Heard Of Float-In Windows Then
You MUST Read This Immediatly Because...

PopUp Blockers Are Killing Your PopUp Windows - And YOUR PROFITS!

Let's face it - PopUp advertising used to be an excellent way for you to collect email addresses, gain new subscribers, promote affiliate programs, offer free reports...

And the list goes on and on... But with the birth of pop up blocking technology so comes the death of pop up advertising.

Due to the abuse and misuse of pop up advertising by millions of irresponsible website owners, pop up blocking software is now in high demand. As a matter of fact...

The following online giants now
give away FREE software that
automatically blocks your pop-up ads...

  • Google offers its 300 million monthly surfers a toolbar that automatically blocks your pop-up ads.
  • Alexa offers its 10 Million users a free toolbar that automatically kills your pop-ups.
  • AOL released version 8.0 to its 35 Million Subscribers with enhanced pop-up blocking capabilities .
  • Earthlink now provides a free pop-up blocker to its 5 Million Customers.
  • Netscape's 7.0 Browser now blocks pop-ups and is free to download for its 52 Million Users.

That's over 403 MILLION Internet users who now have the ability to
block your pop-up ads right at their fingertips...

And Microsoft's SP2 Update will more than DOUBLE that number when fully deployed!

As you can see the age of standard pop-up advertising has died - and as a direct result 1000's of small & mid-sized internet businesses like yours could rapidly die out as well...

But WAIT - Don't let YOUR business suffer...

There IS a solution...

There IS a way to reclaim the attention-grabbing and profit-producing power that pop-ups used to have...

Replace Your Dead Pop-Ups With
The Attention-Grabbing Power Of
Float-In Windows
That Cannot Be Blocked!


Float-In Window Generator

Now You Can Automatically Create UnBlockable Float-In Windows,
Simply By Pushing A Button to Instantly Insert Your Own
Float-In Windows into the HTML code of ANY of your Web Pages...
...All in less than Two Minutes!

You'll never have to write a single line of code!

Float-In Windows Stay In View
Even If The Visitor Scrolls Down The Page.

Use Any HTML, Images, Text or Anything Else
You Would Put Inside An Old Style Pop-Up!

Your software is the best of it's kind. Period!

I have two other similar software that create unblockable pop ups, so I can give you an objective review:

Your software is the most search-engine friendly compared to the other two. Your software gives me MORE freedom to design and mangae my float-ins. It is very practical, I don't have to insert the code by myself.

Thanks a lot for creating such a powerful software with a user-friendly interface. I give you 10 out of 10!

Your satisfied customer,

Bob Bastian

Now, if you are wondering...

"What exactly is a 'Float-In Window' and why can't it be blocked like the old style pop-up windows?"

Well first let me explain how pop-ups work and how they are easily blocked...
  • A Pop-Up window works by automatically opening a completely separate 'new browser window' that pops into view whenever someone enters or exits your website, without them clicking any links.

  • Pop-Up Blockers work by automatically stopping any and all webpages that are programmed to open in a separate 'new browser window' without user input. Thus when a visitor running any kind of pop-up blocking software lands on your page, the pop-up window is blocked automatically and your advertisement is never seen.

Next, let's examine the attention grabbing power of Float-In Windows and why they cannot be blocked, killed or destroyed.

  • Float-In Windows are simply a part of your web page and Don't require a new browser window to be opened. Although they appear to be a seperate window they are actually a part of the same web page that they gracefully 'Float-In' to.

  • Float-In Windows don't require a New Browser Window to be opened so they CANNOT be blocked, killed, or destroyed by popup blockers!

AND... Float In Windows stay in view even if the visitor scrolls down the page! Also, Float-In Windows aren't annoying because YOU determine how often your messages appear...

  • "Float-In Windows" will Grab your prospect’s attention, collect more emails and boost your profits the way pop-ups no longer can!


Way Cool!

I like the way once you generate it, that it will add it to your HTML page, and you don't even have to edit your page. Just hit the button then load your HTML page to your server.

Your software makes it easy... Wow!

Teresa King


Here's a Screenshot of The Software And Details On How You Can Create Your Own Perfect-Looking Animated Float-In Windows Within Two Minutes...

Here's All You Have To Do...

  • Set The Look, Size, and Speed Of Your Float In Window...

  • Set How Often Your Float-In Windows Appear to Each Visitor, Once Every Hour Up to Once Per day...

  • Type or Copy & Paste Your HTML Directly Into The Generator...

  • Preview Your Float-In inside a Demo Window. You may Go Back and Tweak The Settings as many Times as Necessary until Your Ads Float In Just The Way You Want...

  • Press A Button to Auto-Insert Float-In Windows Into Any Html Document...

  • Save Your Float-In Windows And All Your Perfected Settings For Future Use.


All The Float-In Window Code Is
Extremely Search-Engine Friendly.

Other similar software install some or all of the script into the header section near the top of your HTML, which can cripple your search engine ranking position.

You see major search engines such as Google rank websites by weighing heavily on the keywords and phrases at the beginning of your HTML code.

Float-In Windows Generator will insert all the code at the very bottom of your HTML code so it won't do any harm to your search engine listings.


You are in precise control of which direction your Float-In Windows
glide in from, when they appear, how often they appear, how fast
they float in and exactly where they land!

  • Your Ads Float In Smoothly From Any Direction You Choose (Top, Right, Left Or Bottom).

  • You Can Set Your Float-Ins to Appear Instantly, Or Delay Them (In Seconds) to Appear At Any Time You Choose.

  • You Can Set The Speed At Which Your Float-In Windows Move Into View (In Pixels Per Second.)

  • You Control Exactly Where Your Float-In Windows Land On Your Webpages Using Simple To Understand X/Y Plotting Coordinates.

  • You'll Reduce Visitor Annoyance By Setting How Many Times Your Float-In Windows Will Appear To Each Visitor. Once Every Hour Up To Once Per Day.

  • You Can Even Use Multiple Float-In Windows On A Single Webpage!

A good 'nuts and bolts' tool, it does the job well with no unnecessary 'frills' to confuse the user. A useful addition to the marketers' toolbox.

Eric Hart

With Float-In Window Generator you can rest assured that...

Your Advertisements
Won't Be Blocked!

  • 100% of your visitors will see your special discounts!
  • 100% of your visitors will see your ezine subscription box!
  • 100% of your visitors will see your free report offers!
  • 100% of your visitors will see your free viral ebook offers!
  • 100% of your visitors will see your Order Now bonuses!
  • 100% of your visitors will see your online surveys!
  • 100% of your visitors will see your special contests!
  • 100% of your visitors will see your affiliate offers!

100% Of Your Ads
Will Be Seen Every Time!

OK... So by now you KNOW you need this great piece of software to protect your current popups or to boost your signups, sales and promotions. As you've read through this page, you've already begun realizing how much more money you can make once your new Float-In Windows are in operation on your site.

And you realize this isn't some cheap little product that's going to be free - in fact, you know it's quite valuable... But's lets raise the ante - purchase your copy of Float-In Window Generator right now, and we'll throw in not one, not two but...


Bonus #1: FREE Lifetime Updates!

Order Float-In Windows from our site today and get FREE UPDATES when they become available! As technology on the Internet changes, changes may also be necessary to the software to keep this product on the cutting edge - and Float-In Windows creator James Jackson has agreed he'll give you the latest version of the software at no charge, provided you purchase the software from our site today.

Bonus #2: Master Resell Rights!

When you purchase your copy today, you get software that will help you build your mailing list like crazy. So what could be a better bonus than Master Resell Rights - the right to use that list to sell this same software to YOUR readers & web site visitors??? Sell just one copy and it's like you got your copy FREE! Sell 2 or more and you're making a profit!!! We'll even through in a web page template to help you market YOUR software!

Bonus #3: Rebrand Profits E-Book!

Rebrand Profits Affiliate Marketing E-Book Rebrand Profits Affiliate Marketing E-Book
The Rebrand Profits E-Book details how to make money promoting affiliate programs using free brandable e-books. Rebrand the links in this book, then use the FREE sales tools included to begin your viral marketing money machine!

Bonus #4: Greatest Marketing Secrets!

Greatest Marketing Secrets E-Book
If you look back to the great ad men of this century you’ll find some incredible marketing strategies you can dust off and use for your own business. This great e-book will show you how - and you can GIVE IT AWAY to encourage more sign-ups!

E-BOOK FORMAT: .PDF for PCs and Macs.

Bonus #5: Web Copy Analysis E-Book!

14-Point Web Copy Analysis of a Winning Site E-Book!

14-Point Web Copy Analysis of a Winning Site E-Book!
This audio-visual E-Book will teach you the 14 points the web copy on a winning web site MUST have! Use this great e-book to improve the conversion rate of YOUR site - AND give it away as a bonus to those who sign up using your new Float-Ins!!!

E-BOOK FORMAT: .PDF for PCs and Macs.

So... What's The Price?

Let's add it up...

If you've been online for any length of time and looking for a way to beat the popup blockers, you've already seen software with fewer features selling for up to $97, right?

And you also know resell rights to hot software are almost always $199 or more...

And Float-In Windows Generator creator James tells us the Updates Bonus is worth a minimum of $27, so...

Even without the other 3 bonuses, you'd expect to pay AT LEAST $323 for this package. And when you think of the signups and sales you'll generate with your Float-Ins, you KNOW this is still a steal, right?

But here's the kicker... Not that long ago, I too saw a lot of great tools online that I knew would help... But I couldn't afford them! Sure, they'd help me make more money, but with almost no room on my cards, I couldn't buy anything worth more than my monthly minimum payment - that's all the room I had each month.

Now things are VERY different, but I've never forgotten those days, or forgotten that there's still a lot of people trying to 'break out' like I did - and I want to give back a bit, to help those people like others helped me...

So here's the deal - You agree to purchase and USE your Float-In Windows Generator, and to send me a testimonial I can use to beef up this site, and I'll let you have the software, updates, resell rights and e-books for the grand sum of... Just $47!!!

That's right - $47, Including Master Resell Rights, Free Lifetime Upgrades and the Bonus E-Books - everything you need to jumpstart your success!!!

And as always...

Float-In Window Generator
Comes With Our Rock Solid...
30 Day Risk-Free
Money-Back Guarantee.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with this software I'll happily refund the full purchase price of Float-In Window Generator. Just send us an email and your refund will be processed within 72 hours. It's as simple as that.

Pay by VisaPay by MastercardPay via PayPal
Payments accepted via Visa, Mastercard and PayPal!

Don't Miss Out - Download Your Software Now!!!

Remember - Only $47 Includes...
• Master Resell Rights
• 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
• Lifetime Upgrades
• Rebrand Profits E-Book
• Greatest Marketing Secrets E-Book
• 14-point Web Copy Analysis E-Book

Wishing you every continued success, both online and off...

Teri Champigny

P.S. - Remember, with our 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee, you can't lose - so the only thing holding you back from greater success is your own inertia... Download your Float-In Window Generator now and reap greater profits from your Float-In Windows!

P.P.S. - Please don't forget to send us your testimonials! After all, it just wouldn't make sense to give you the Float-In Window Generator, master resell rights, lifetime upgrades and 3 great e-books, all with a 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee for only $47 if we weren't getting your stories to help us sell more copies!

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