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Niche Marketing - E-Books with Resell Rights!

"What would YOU call an Amazing Collection of Fast-Selling
Niche Products
so In Demand that people will literally be
Throwing Money At You to buy them from YOUR Web Site?"

Imagine Getting 11 Current E-Books, with
Full Resale Rights & Pro Sales Pages in
Money-Making High-Traffic Niches
like Crafts, Recipes & Gardening!

11 e-books with resell rights, all in very profitable niches! Yes, that's right...

You get 11 E-books with Resell Rights, and
12 - Count 'em - 12 web sites ready to add
your payment links to and upload.

You can have 11 single-product sites and
one selling this whole package online within
a week - an INSTANT Online Business!!!

You already know how over-crowded the Internet Marketing field has become - and the effect it's had on your income. And, of course, you know of the success that Jimmy D. Brown, Ryan Deiss and numerous others have had in the niche marketing field...

Imagine for a moment taking all your marketing skills and abilities, leaving all the competition behind to fight it out for the scraps left there like Hyenas in a drought... And shine the wondrous light of your promotional abilities into high-traffic niches like Arts & Crafts, Recipes and Gardening. You're already getting the products AND the web sites once you've signed up below, so all that's left is to promote, promote, promote...

How well do you think your marketing skills will measure up against those playing in these niches? Go on - picture it. Nice to have some high-traffic, profit-producing web sites for a change, isn't it? To see all those sales rolling in each day, to make money while you play golf, play with the kids, or take your significant other out for that perfect dinner...

Of course, no one can guarantee you'll make money with this package - but who would you rather bet on than Yourself? After all, only you know how hard you'll work, or how you'll promote your new sites, so only YOU know how successful you'll be!

Listen - Why don't I introduce you to your new profit centers...

Niche One: Arts & Crafts
  • Profitable Crafts - Vol. 1
  • Profitable Crafts - Vol. 2
  • Profitable Crafts - Vol. 3
  • Profitable Crafts - Vol. 4
  • 20 Vintage Crochet Patterns
  • Wonderful Wedding Favors And Gifts

Niche Two: Recipes & Cooking
  • The Bread And Biscuit Baker's And Sugar-Boiler's Assistant
  • Cat Head Biscuits And Garlic Fried Chicken
  • Smoothies For Athletes

Niche Three: Organic Gardening
  • Organic Secrets

Niche Four: Health & Fitness
  • How To Stop Smoking Forever

  • Insider Secrets of Online Currency Trading
  • Bringing Your Golf Scores To Life
  • Small Business Success Secrets
Yes - You read that right! We'll even throw in THREE MORE NICHE MARKET E-BOOKS as a FREE BONUS! You'll have to develop your own web sites for these 3 - assuming you can get past reading them. All 3 are topics of interest to millions, so be careful you don't find yourself on the golf course with your laptop & cell phone!

Ok - So we both know you're too bright to pass this one up - it's the biggie you've been waiting for. Your only questions now are "How much?" and "Where do I sign?"

Let's see... What's a fair price for an e-book & professionally designed sales page? $100? $250? $500? Not unreasonable really - what would you charge for the time to research and write an e-book, then create the corresponding graphics & sales page? If it's less than $500, I might just have some work for you... <G>

Ok - 12 sites at $500 would be $6,000... Hmmm, too much - right? So let's halve it, then quarter it... Then divide it by three. So now we're at $250... $250???!!! For 12 web sites, 11 high-traffic niche e-books, plus the 3 great Bonuses??? That's less than $25 per site! Oh, all right - you win - $250 it is. Sheesh!

Tell you what - I'll even go you one better still. Because this is a BRAND-NEW PACKAGE, I don't have any testimonials for it yet. So here's the deal - you PROMISE to upload your sites, promote the heck out of them, and make a decent buck from them in the next 90 days or so. Then you write me a GLOWING TESTIMONIAL talking about how great this package is, and what a sweetie I was to let you have it so cheap. And for that, I'll let the first 25 Buyers have the whole package for just $97! But remember - I'm holding you to your promise to send that testimonial, OK? (Flowers would be a nice touch too, since you're getting this for less than $10 a site!!! <G>)

Understand this though - I'm NOT joking about limiting this offer to the first 25 buyers - after that the price goes back up. I have to make a living too... So don't miss out - since you're still with me at this point, click the link below and download your package now.

Remember, Only The First 25 Customers Will
Get This Entire Niche Marketing Package For Just


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Wishing You All The Best Success!

Teri Champigny

P.S. - To recap, your Niche Marketing Products package includes 11 E-books with Resell Rights, 12 Professionally-designed Sales Pages, and 3 FREE Niche E-Books. All for just $97 during this Introductory Offer. Why compete in the over-crowded Internet Marketing field when there are so many RICH NICHES out there just waiting for you?

P.P.S. - Remember, this Introductory Offer is only available for the FIRST 25 PURCHASERS - and that you MUST provide us with your feedback after you buy this package for $97. If you'd rather not participate, you could simply wait 'til the price goes up to $250, ok? But since you'd rather save the $153 and get YOUR Niche Marketing Products package right now, click the button to download it now!

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