Web Video Marketing Revealed teaches you all about using video in your Internet marketing efforts. See why professional videographer and Internet Marketer Doug Champigny calls the Web Video Marketing Revealed bundle one of the best print and audio bundles for newbies and seasoned pros alike!

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Doug Champigny

Hi Friend!

Let me ask you something about your Internet marketing:

How would you like to double your current sales conversion rate? Or even triple it?

Well, now you can do just that by harnessing the power of internet videos ... and I'm going to show you how!

Successful Internet marketers and affiliate marketers are using Internet videos to maximize their online sales and earnings, and they're about to accomplish this because they have discovered some very powerful, yet very simple secrets...

Introducing Web Video Marketing Revealed!, a special guide that will show you how to maximize your profits using web videos! Web Video Marketing Revealed! not only covers the why's and how-to's, but it also covers the technical side of video marketing.

You will discover ...

 How web video marketing works!

 The various ways to use videos!

http://unselfishmarketer.com/showme/  How to use web videos to find new customers!

 How to use web videos to get repeat sales from existing customers!

 How to use web videos to increase your sales!

 Who uses video marketing to promote business?

 How does video marketing promotion work?

 What type of content is right to use?

 Just how effective is video marketing?

 Visual means to attract customers!

 Tips to increase your profits by using video marketing!

 Why video marketing is the most effective method to increase profits!

 You'll also discover the main reasons why video marketing is so effective and how you can capitalize on them!

I think you will agree with me that web videos are a very effective method to market your product/service. But, do you know how to use a web video to market your product or service? Do you know what file format you need for your web videos? Do you know what software you need? Are you a beginner on web videos and don’t know where to start?

These are all problems that face internet marketers when it comes to web videos. Overcoming these problems and having the answers can get you in the game with web videos.

Web Video Marketing Revealed - All About Online Video Marketing! Well, you're in luck as Web Video Marketing Revealed! covers all these issues plus more! No more searching all over the internet trying to learn what you need to know about web videos. No more trial and error on marketing your web videos.

You can now start creating web videos and marketing them successfully. A successfully marketed web video can increase your sales and build your business up.

What's Included In The "Web Video Marketing Revealed" Package?

After you download "Web Video Marketing Revealed!", inside you will find:

• Your Web Video Marketing Revealed! guide in .PDF format.
• Your Web Video Marketing Revealed! Tech Manual in .PDF format.
• Your MP3 Audio version of the Web Video Marketing Revealed! guide.
• Your MP3 Audio version of the Web Video Marketing Revealed Tech Manual.

Professional MP3 audio voiceover file for both the "Web Video Marketing Revealed!" and the "Tech Manual" manuscripts.

Here's how the audio file is split up:

• Part 1:   24:39 minutes (22.5 MB)
• Part 2:   13:39 minutes (12.4 MB)
• Part 3:   23:50 minutes (21.8 MB)
• Part 4:   6:19 minutes (5.78 MB)
• Tech Manual:   21:27 minutes (19.6 MB)

Click This Link to hear a 34 second sample of the audios...
Listen to the Web Video Marketing Revealed e-books or read them - your choice!

Web Video Marketing Revealed! will teach you ...

 The simple steps to add videos to your web pages!

 Learn about the different video file formats and what each file format does.

 Learn how much time you need to devote to each section of your web video!

 The best places to market your video!

 Editing software to use!

 Video capturing software to use!

 Demographic profile for video social sites!

 Key factors that you need to know when creating a web video!

 Online file conversion sites!

 The HTML code needed to properly embed a video file onto your web site!

 How long your web video should be!

 How much time should you spend on each section of the web video process!

As you can easily see, "Web Video Marketing Revealed!" will help you grab your share of the online profits that successful marketers are enjoying by using web videos.


Web Video Marketing Revealed Testimonial
Joel Osborne recommends the Web Video Marketing Revealed bundle! Great package, Doug!

There are so many different ways to use videos online... Thank you for explaining many of them and teaching about virtually all aspects of web videos.

If people are not yet using videos in their online business, they are missing the boat. I hope that many will take and use "Web Video Marketing Revealed" to take advantage of this great video opportunity.

Thank you for showing how powerful web videos can really be!

Joel Osborne


By now, you're probably wondering:

OK, what's the cost for this amazing guide?

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And there's absolutely no risk on your part because I'm offering you my...

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Is that fair or what?

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Web Video Marketing Revealed Testimonial
Mike Mazzella recommends the Web Video Marketing Revealed bundle! Hey Doug,

Everydody knows that video is here to stay. So many people out there are intimidated to use video on their sites because they simply don't have the know-how.

With this product you've taken that fear away... Anybody can follow your step by step guide and quicky master video.

Great job on this one!

Mike Mazzella


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Web Video Marketing Revealed Testimonial
Charles Burleigh recommends the Web Video Marketing Revealed bundle! Hi Doug,

Video marketing is becoming a huge part of Internet Marketing. I am much more inclined to purchase a product from a site with a great video overview than a site with just a text review.

Web Video Marketing Revealed takes all the mystery out of how to use web video to market your products and services through video. Newbies to video like myself will learn a lot about how and why to use video in our marketing efforts.

Thanks for another great product!

Charles Burleigh


* Special Pricing For Next 100 47 Downloads ONLY! *

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Doug & Teri Champigny,

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