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How To Make This E-book
Your Golden Goose!

By Customizing it!

Increase Your Sales and also Your Website's Traffic By Customizing Viral Marketing Tutorial With:

  1. Your Affiliate IDs and links, 
  2. Your Name,
  3. Your e-mail, 
  4. Your Web Site (title and URL),  
  5. Your Featured Ad,
  6. Your e-mail address for subscriptions to Your Newsletter! 

How to make Viral Marketing Tutorial Your Golden Goose!

As you know, the most popular word on the Internet is FREE! By being able to offer visitors to your website something of *value* for free, you can multiply your profits almost overnight

What do we mean by *value*? 

We have paid a talent copy writer some 100s of dollars in order to research the Net and write the core part of this e-book. Calculate some other 100s for the graphics, plus the creation of the e-book...

...what it is offered to you here is a work of up to $1000 that can bring YOUR information in seconds from now.

You can use your customized version of Viral Marketing Tutorial in order to: 

  • Encourage your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. 
  • Give it away to generate traffic. 
  • Give it away to your affiliates.
  • Give it free to create your viral marketing campaign.
  • Give it as a present or as a bonus.
  • ...etc. 

Every time you GIVE Viral Marketing Tutorial away you're increasing the chances of:

That's the Spirit and Beauty of Viral Marketing! Actually it's your practical outcome of what you've learned from this e-book!

And the Best of All...

...You Too Can Offer and Sell Customization of Viral Marketing Tutorial to Your Customers/Visitors! We'll show you how!

You'll be able to brand this e-book with your information just in seconds after the completion of your order - it doesn't matter if it's 5 a.m.!

The customized Viral Marketing Tutorial will hold:

  1. Your affiliate ID (you'll promote many products through 1 affiliate link)
  2. Your affiliate links to some of the hot best-selling products.
  3. Your name.
  4. Your e-mail.
  5. Your web site (title and URL).
  6. Your featured ad.
  7. Your e-mail address so the readers will subscribe to Your Newsletter... we give you the license to use this page with all graphics as well as a Thank You page for your orders (for selling the re-customization option to Your Customers!)

You pay for all the above only $17* which is a good bargain for what you get - you'll get your money back with just 1 re-branding of Viral Marketing Tutorial!

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Our Viral Marketing Tutorial comes with a 100% money-back guarantee!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Get the 'Viral Marketing Tutorial' branding rights today and if you find you don't like it - for ANY reason - return it within 30 days for a
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Teri Champigny.

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